Architect Serving Newark, OH

With a track record that reflects nothing but success, Kelley & Associates Architects-Planners in Newark, OH, has become the region’s most trusted architectural firm. Our architects work closely with each client to create a structure that suits your needs and budget. From small homes to major industrial complexes, you can count on us to deliver a finished project that completely brings your vision to life and showcases your personal style. 

Architectural Design

Building Use Studies

Feasibility Studies

Code Evaluation

Investment Presentations

Commercial and Residential Design

Blueprints created by our architect in Newark, OH

Attention to Detail and Extensive Planning

Because there’s more to your project than building design and design planning, we take every aspect into consideration to ensure your project’s success, which includes the use of feasibility studies. Prior to construction, we evaluate what’s feasible within the projected time and budget. Our attention to detail and extensive planning will ensure your project has the solid foundation it needs, with all parties involved having the information they need. 

Architects Committed to Success

From conception to the finished project, you need an architectural firm that is committed to your success. We have the skill set, expertise, and determination needed to see every project through. For questions about the services we offer or to schedule a preliminary consultation, contact Kelley & Associates Architects-Planners today. You can also reach out to us through our website, we’d love to help you with your upcoming project. 

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